Pattanasilp was established in 1967 by Taveep Opasvorarat, offering standard offset print services. As business expanded, Pattanasilp made its name in the industry by producing affordable yet sturdy paper containers and packaging. Fast-forwarded to the present days, we offer the true one-stop service for all the print materials needs that can satisfy customers with all diverse design requirements and aesthetics – at affordable costs.

Attentive to Details

Every step counts. We always listen to your needs and walk you to right solutions. Starting from selecting fine print materials, aiding you on the design process, to the post-press steps, we are ready to take care of all the hassles. Let go all the worries about low print volume, rushed delivery or complicated print design. Let us help you.

One-stop Service

Patanasilp offers you the one-stop service approach. Find it all here – design, pre-press, press, post-press.

Going Green

We use only environment-friendly materials such as soy ink and paper made from farmed trees and recycled pulps with minimal use of whitening chemicals. Sourcing in materials from green suppliers upstream also confirms one of our missions to go green.

Here are the three departments

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